TN-ROOF Garant

A system for non-walkable roofs on steel profile-shaped flooring with roof cladding made of polymer membrane and thermal insulation of polyisocyanurate foams.
  • Fast assembly
  • High resistance to dynamic loads
  • Certified fire hazard class K0 (15)
  • A long, maintenance-free service life
  • A lightweight system thanks to the unique heat conduction properties of LOGICPIR plates: 0.022 W/m*K
  • The system can be installed at any time of the year


The TN-ROOF Garant system solves a very important task for each investor: it creates a durable roof structure with a long, maintenance-free service life. The long service life of the roof is determined by several factors: the right design and installation, selection of suitable building materials and components, external factors, and weather conditions. One of the key reasons that leads to damage to the systems during their installation and operation is dynamic load: approximately 80% of all the damage to the system as a whole and to the waterproofing cladding is due to walking on the roof, loss of strength of the foundation under the waterproofing cladding, occurrence of stress, and, consequently, damage to the waterproofing material.

It is for the solution of this problem that the TN-ROOF Garant system was developed. CNIIPromzdaniy Research Institute conducted a study based on the Marathon Man Test technique (Netherlands), based on the results of which TN-ROOF Garant was recommended for use on roofs where personnel will have to walk on a regular basis to service the roof, such as for the removal of snow, and for servicing equipment placed on the roof.

Fire safety.

The structure has certified fire hazard class K0 (15) according to GOST 30403-2012 and fire endurance of RE 15 according to FZ-123.

The roof cladding is made of LOGICROOF polymer membranes which have a combustibility group rating of G1/G2, which, combined with PIR slabs, makes it possible to apply the TN-ROOF Garant system without restrictions to the area of the roof and without fire prevention bafflers. As it is not necessary to use fire prevention bafflers, the load on the roof is reduced by more than 90 kg/m2 in the areas where bafflers are normally used, and it also provides savings on the cost of the works.

The weight of the roofing system.

The TN-ROOF Garant system weighs 8.58 kg/m2 less than the traditional system. This significantly reduces the logistics costs and the expenses related to bringing the thermal insulation to the roof; it also becomes possible to install additional equipment weighing up to 162 tons and add thermal insulation on an existing roof with minimal workload.

It can be installed at any time of the year.

The TN-ROOF Garant system can be installed at nearly any time of the year, regardless of the weather. With LOGICPIR insulating plates, no special measures have to be taken for winter storage. The high compressive strength of LOGICPIR slabs minimizes the risk of damage to the material during assembly in the autumn/winter period. PIR slabs have a foil surface, which protects them against moisture. Theoretically, in case of rain, water will not penetrate deep into the thermal insulation, as it does in the case of traditional materials. The problem of the moisture remaining in the roof pie will be solved using a polymer membrane. It has high vapor permeability, so during the warmer months excessive moisture is released into the atmosphere. The absolute watertightness of PIR is due to the structure of the material. 95% of it is made of rigid closed cells, filled with inert gas. There is just nothing there which could absorb the moisture. Air is an excellent insulator, which is why PIR slabs have the lowest thermal conductivity compared to traditional types of insulation. At 25 degrees, it is 0.022 W/(m*K). This allows you to reduce the layer of insulation in the roof system, cut down the weight of the roof pie and decrease the load on the bearing structure of the building, which enables the installation of additional equipment weighing up to 162 tons.

The temperature limits for installation of the membrane are -20 degrees for LOGICROOF and -25 degrees for LOGICROOF Arctic. This is why we can say that the TN-ROOF Garant roofing system can be assembled in central Russia at any time of the year.

TN-ROOF Garant: choose the best!

Area of application:

The TN-ROOF Garant system is designed for public buildings (shopping centers, sports complexes, swimming pools, etc.) and industrial facilities (warehouses and logistics centers, etc.) with high loads arising during the servicing of the roof (including snow removal), as well as during inspections and maintenance of equipment placed on the roof. The TN-ROOF Garant system is widely used in Europe and North America.

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