A system for non-walkable roofs on steel profile-shaped flooring with roof cladding made of a LOGICROOF polymer membrane and combined thermal insulation.
  • Fast assembly
  • A cost-effective system
  • High resistance to dynamic loads
  • Certified fire hazard class K0 (15)


The TN-ROOF Smart PIR system combines the advantages of innovative and traditional materials. Nonflammable rock wool, LOGICROOF polymer membrane and LOGICPIR thermal insulation plates with high fire resistance properties allow you to use the system for roofs of any area without using fire prevention bafflers.

And the top layer of LOGICPIR thermal insulation boards creates an increased surface durability and ensures its evenness under the LOGICROOF polymer membrane, redistributing dynamic load that occurs during installation and subsequent operation of the roof.

LOGICPIR thermal insulation slabs have low thermal conductivity compared to other thermal insulation materials: 0.022 W/m*K. This is why it is possible to use thinner plates while maintaining the same thermal resistance of the system. Due to the logistics of the thermal insulation, indirect expenses are also reduced: lower thickness means lower volume, lower costs of bringing the thermal insulation to the roof, faster installation, as LOGICPIR slabs measure 1200x2400 mm. And, most important, PIR insulation plates have a long service life: according to independent research carried out in Europe by PU Europe, PIR slabs remain fully functional 33 years later and still meet all the stated characteristics, including their compressive strength and heat conductivity coefficient.

LOGICROOF or ECOPLAST polymer membrane is an umbrella protecting buildings from moisture. With a whole range of high performance characteristics, this system has one definite advantage: the entire installation process is performed without the use of an open flame! This represents a sound investment as it ensures safety for contractors during construction, as well as for those inside the building during repairs. In addition, hot-air welding of membrane sheets ensures homogeneous seams and a fully leak-proof surface of the roof. All contractor organizations can send their personnel for further professional training to the LogicRoof Academy in Ryazan.

Area of application:

The TN-ROOF Smart PIR system is the ideal solution for buildings with stricter fire safety requirements: public buildings where large numbers of people spend a lot of time, shopping malls, industrial, agricultural and warehouse buildings in any climate zones.

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