TN-ROOF Garant Inductsia

A system for non-walkable roofs on steel profile-shaped flooring with roof cladding made of LOGICROOF polymer membrane and LOGICPIR thermal insulation slabs. The solution is recommended for extreme-condition roofs with higher wind loads.
  • Fast assembly
  • High resistance to dynamic loads
  • Certified fire hazard class K0 (15)
  • High wind resistance
  • A long, maintenance-free service life
  • A lightweight system thanks to the unique heat conduction properties of LOGICPIR plates: 0.022 W/m*K


TN-ROOF Guarant Inductsia is an engineering solution that makes it possible to use the LOGICROOF or ECOPLAST polymer membrane sheets of a standard width of 2 meters throughout the surface of the roof, including corners and parapet zones. In addition, if you chose the TN-ROOF Garant system and have laid a 1-meter-wide membrane cloth, you will need more fasteners than with the TN-ROOF Garant Inductsia system. This is a real catch and perhaps the only reliable solution for any investor whose construction project is located in an extreme wind zone.

Most of Russia lays in zones I, II and III. However, there are areas included in zones V and above. In addition to the northern and eastern regions, such areas also include the Black Sea coast. Wind pressure is the main parameter of the wind calculation and determines the final result to a significant extent.

The wind pressure in a zone with a high value is up to 5 times higher than one in a low zone! This leads to the use of a larger number of fasteners for the installation of the roof. The situation is even more challenging if the construction site is located in a Type A area, such as the open coast of a sea, lake or reservoir, in rural areas (with the height of buildings at less than 10 m), deserts, steppes, forest-steppes, and tundra.

In such cases, the standard technology of polymer membranes with mechanical fastening involves placing fasteners in the overlap areas of the sheets, and the step is determined by the length of the wave of a profiled sheet, and standard coils have to be divided into narrower ones to match the wind calculation. This increases the labor intensity of the work and the number of welded seams.

It was for the solution of the wind load problem that the TN-ROOF Garant Inductsia system fixing was developed on the basis of the experience of Imper S.p.A., the Italian division of TechnoNICOL. Due to the above, the TN-ROOF Garant Inductsia system has the following advantages:

Less consumption of fixtures compared to traditional mechanical fixing systems for roofs in areas with increased wind loads.

The induction system has a 1.5-times better resistance to wind load than the traditional system. An additional advantage is the fact that no additional fasteners are required for the thermal insulation layer.

Reliability of the waterproofing layer

Due to the fact that the fixtures are distributed evenly across the surface of the membrane, the roof is less likely to be torn off, and, as a consequence, the waterproofing coating has a longer service life.

Fire safety

The structure has certified fire hazard class K0 (15) according to GOST 30403-2012 and fire endurance of RE 15 according to FZ-123.

The roof cladding is made of LOGICROOF polymer membranes which have a combustibility group rating of G1/G2, which, combined with PIR slabs, makes it possible to apply the TN-ROOF Garant system without any restrictions to the area of the roof and without fire prevention bafflers. As it is not necessary to use fire prevention bafflers, the load on the roof is reduced by more than 90 kg/m2 in the areas where bafflers are normally used, and it also provides savings on the cost of the works.

It can be installed at any time of the year

LOGICPIR thermal insulation slabs have zero water absorption and require no special measures for the storage of material in winter, while the installation of polymer membranes is possible at a wide range of temperatures, from -20ºC for LOGICROOF V-RP and from -25ºC for LOGICROOF V RP Arctic. This is why we can say that the TN-ROOF Garant Inductsia roofing system can be assembled in central Russia at any time of the year.

Due to TechnoNICOL LOGICPIR thermal insulation plates, the TN-ROOF Garant Inductsia system has the same unique advantages as the TN-ROOF Garant system. However, it also has a specific feature: it can be used in places with high or extreme wind load.

Area of application:

The TN-ROOF Garant Inductsia system is used in residential, public, industrial, warehouse and agricultural buildings with high loads arising during the servicing of the roof (including snow removal), as well as during inspections and maintenance of equipment placed on the roof.

The induction system is applied in all climatic zones, particularly at construction sites located in type-A areas (the coast, open fields), in regions with high wind load, or on high-rise buildings.

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