The TN-TUNNEL Prof system is used for waterproofing both deep and shallow tunnels for structures built in complex geological conditions. The system can also be used in the construction of other underground structures requiring a high degree of protection from exposure to water.
  • A loose-lying system which effectively compensates movement and deformation
  • The system can be mounted on a wet foundation
  • The use of membranes with a signal layer for rapid detection of any damaged areas
  • The process of installation is fireproof as it is performed without the use of an open flame
  • Repairability throughout the term of service
  • Isolation of possible leaks
  • The product can be mounted at low temperatures


A one-layer waterproofing system for deep-level tunnels. The system prevents the negative impact of groundwater on the framing structure.

The system can be used for tunnels which have the following parameters of interaction with the geological environment:

The TN-TUNNEL Prof waterproofing system protects tunnels from water infiltration and prevents corrosion of the structure of the tunnel.

The TN-Tunnel Prof system provides a way to recover the waterproof properties of constructions by injecting special mixtures in the areas between the membrane and the protected structure, localized by waterstops, with the use of control and injection branches and pipes.

The membrane is attached to the primary finishing on the walls and vaults with PVC rondels and is laid freely in the tray part. The area covered with waterproofing material is partitioned into plots of 100-150 m2 with PVC waterstops welded to the membrane, and then it is embedded in the support structure by concreting.

If the waterproofing is damaged, the anchors of the waterstop embedded in the concrete stop water from flowing freely between the construction and the waterproofing membrane and localize the leak within the damaged section.

In addition to partitioning with waterstops, the waterproofing system includes an injection system for repairs.

The injection system consists of injecting branch fittings with injection pipes.

If leakage occurs, the injecting system may be used to supply the polymer mixtures for repairs; these fill up the damaged section and polymerize, forming a dense waterproof gel, and thus restore the integrity of the waterproofing.

The waterproofing is protected with a special protective PVC membrane, LOGICBASE V-PT, which is placed in the section between the waterstops and spot-welded to the waterproofing membrane over the entire area. The pieces of protective membrane are welded together with using automatic or manual hot air welding equipment.

Area of application:

TN_TUNNEL Prof system is used for waterproofing tunnels constructed using the underground method in complicated hydrogeological conditions.

Substitute for the main waterproofing membrane

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