TN-FOUNDATION Prof for embedded walls

The system is successfully used for waterproofing foundations constructed using the embedded wall method in a pit without slopes. The system can also be used for building tunnels, car parks, underground storage facilities, and other structures in complicated hydrogeological conditions.
  • A loose-lying system which effectively compensates movement and deformation
  • The system can be mounted on a wet foundation
  • The use of membranes with a signal layer for rapid detection of any damaged areas
  • The process of installation is fireproof as it is performed without the use of an open flame
  • Repairability throughout the term of service
  • Isolation of possible leaks
  • The product can be mounted at low temperatures


The waterproofing system of a functional foundation, built in timbered pits without slopes using the embedded wall method, with a laying depth of 3 to 20 meters. The system prevents the negative effects of ground and soil water (including pressure waters) on the bearing structure of the foundation and protects its functional space from water and subzero temperatures.

The system can be used for projects which have the following parameters of interaction with the geological environment:

The waterproofing material used is PVC membrane LOGICBASE V-SL (LOGICROOF T-SL) with a signal yellow layer. The waterproofing system is freely laid on the prepared horizontal concrete surface and is attached to the vertical members of the protective structure with PVC rondels.

The seams of the membrane are formed by welding the fabric with hot air, using special equipment.

To protect the LOGICBASE V-SL (LOGICROOF T-SL) PVC membrane against mechanical damage, it is placed between two layers of geotextile.

On vertical and horizontal structures of foundations, plastic sheeting is placed on top of geotextile. In addition, on horizontal surfaces the waterproofing system is protected by a cement/sand screed.

The specific features of the TN-FOUNDATION Prof embedded wall waterproofing system are the zoning of the waterproofing area with waterstops and the presence of an injection system for repairs. The repairs system consists of injecting pipes and injecting branch fittings.

Zoning of waterproofing systems is necessary for localization of leaks which may occur. Due to the system of waterstops, water cannot move freely between the waterproofing and the structure but remains locked in the section limited with waterstops. It is much easier to locate and fix such a leak than if there were no partitioning system.

For repairs, special repair polymers are supplied to the damaged area through the injecting system; the polymer mix fills up the section, polymerizes, and restores the integrity of the waterproofing.

Area of application:

The TN-FOUNDATION Prof system for embedded walls is designed for waterproofing the foundations of buildings and structures of mass construction with normal and higher criticality levels, constructed in complex and average-complexity engineering/geological conditions in pits with a protective structure (embedded wall). The foundation of the building in this case is immediately adjacent to the protective structure.

Substitutes in PVC systems

Substitutes in TPO systems