TN-FOUNDATION Expert for embedded walls

TN-FOUNDATION Expert system for embedded walls is designed for waterproofing the foundations of complex or unique buildings and structures of higher criticality ratings, which are built in complex engineering/geological conditions in pits with enclosing structures. The foundation of the building in this case is immediately adjacent to the protective structure.
  • A loose-lying system which effectively compensates movement and deformation
  • The system can be mounted on a wet foundation
  • The use of membranes with a signal layer for rapid detection of any damaged areas
  • The process of installation is fireproof as it is performed without the use of an open flame
  • Fast mounting of the system


A waterproofing system for shallow, functional foundations constructed in timbered pits without slopes, using the embedded wall method. The system protects buildings against the negative impact of surface water of atmospheric origin which infiltrates through the protective structure of the pit to the support structure of the foundation, and it does not allow moisture into the functional space of the foundation.

The system can be used for projects which have the following parameters of interaction with the geological environment:

In high-density urban conditions and in close proximity to existing buildings, foundations are constructed runs in pits, reinforced with embedded walls or sheet pile screens, and this is often the only engineering solution possible under the circumstances.

The waterproofing material in the TN-FOUNDATION Barrier system for embedded walls is the LOGICBASE V-SL (LOGICROOF T-SL) non-reinforced membrane, made on the basis of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The waterproofing membrane is laid before the erection of the bearing structure on the prepared concrete in the event of horizontal surfaces and, for vertical surfaces, on the smoothed surface of the pit protection wall of the embedded wall type. The basis is prepared with a leveling blanket of cement/sand mixture or extruded polystyrene. You can also use mats of rubber crumb or, in some cases, PLANTER shaped fabric. The installation of the system involves the successive placement of an underlying layer, which includes geotextile, waterproofing membrane, protective geotextile layer, and polyethylene film. In addition, cement-sand screed is used on the horizontal surface to prevent membrane damage during installation of the reinforcement cage.

Area of application:

The TN-FOUNDATION Barrier system for embedded walls is designed for waterproofing the foundations of small buildings and structures of low criticality levels, made in pits with a protective structure (an embedded wall) in the absence of groundwater. In this case, the foundation of the building is immediately adjacent to the protective structure.

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