Logistic complexes

TechnoNICOL is the largest manufacturer and supplier of reliable building systems based on polymeric membranes in the construction market of Russia and the CIS. Due to the use of advanced technologies, LOGICROOF polymer membranes fully meet customer needs, guaranteeing a strong, safe, and beautiful roof with a long, maintenance-free service life. As of early 2016, there are over 60 million square meters of roofs and underground parts of buildings protected by TechnoNICOL polymer membranes, including key Olympic sites in Sochi and some high-reliability facilities such as the Beloyarskaya and Novovoronezhskaya NPPs, Adler, Vladimir and Novgorod CHPPs, Yakut GRES, the cargo terminal of Domodedovo airport, and others. In 2013, the roof of the Olympiysky sports complex, made with the use of LOGICROOF polymer membranes, won first place in the "Flat Roof" nomination in the contest of the International Federation for the Roofing Trade IFD 2013. We thank our clients for trusting us and take pride in every project protected by LOGICROOF!