LOGICROOF. ECOPLAST. Professional solutions for roof waterproofing


Are you looking for a solution to make a flat roof reliable and durable? It's no secret that the average useful life of a flat roof is 7-10 years, and then it has to be renovated. However, we have good news for you! Insulating solutions based on polymeric membranes represent a fundamentally new approach to the construction of roofs; they guarantee a long service life of your roofing between repairs.

Since they first appeared, which was more than 50 years ago, PVC membranes have proven their reliability and durability as waterproofing for roofs in a variety of environments and applications. The use of PVC membranes began with large roofs of commercial buildings, where quality and speed are crucial factors for the customer. Membranes are now becoming increasingly more popular among professional builders and experienced operating companies.

The widespread use of polymeric membranes for roofing is justified. Polymer roofing is synonymous with durability and reliability. LOGICROOF and ECOPLAST polymeric membranes are a guarantee that the construction project will be commissioned exactly as planned: the possibility to install the roofing system at any time of the year and faster roofing work makes these materials indispensable for commercial construction projects.

Fire safety. LOGICROOF and ECOPLAST membranes are mounted without the use of an open flame. There is no fire. There is no risk of ignition. There are no problems.

The hallmark of LOGICROOF and ECOPLAST polymer membranes is their repairability. A contractor can easily find a leak and perform localized repairs.

We could talk all day about the benefits of polymer membranes in constructions of flat roofs, listing their unique qualities. This is why the membranes enjoy popularity in the world and have already earned trust in Russia. Membranes can be used for all types of roofing systems. They can also be placed on any base: from pre-cast and monolithic reinforced concrete, corrugated metal, wood, light concrete. To bring the daring ideas of the architect and the customer to a reality, we produce polymeric membranes in a wide range of colors. Your roof will not go unnoticed!

It is important to note that our clients who select LOGICROOF polymeric membranes receive a service which is unique for the Russian market: technical support from the manufacturer with the involvement of Quality Service engineers. TechnoNICOL's longstanding experience shows that the quality and reliability of the roofing system cannot be achieved without full technical support. This is also confirmed by calculations made by German specialists: about 80% of problems with roofs are caused by faulty installation. In order to solve this task and give our clients confidence in the success of their investment, we have built a team of professional engineers who work throughout Russia and the CIS.

When you choose LOGICROOF polymeric membranes, you are making the right decision.

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