Professional solutions for underground waterproofing


The use of underground space is a current trend in the development of contemporary cities which suffer from a lack of urban areas, population growth, and increased volumes of traffic. Parking lots, train stations or shops located underground have long become the norm for many cities around the world. Underground structures are constantly exposed to groundwater and aggressive environments. Such exposure can significantly reduce the useful life of a building. The waterproofing protects the structure from negative interaction with the environment and provides for the long-term operation of the entire building.

Reliable protection against leaks can be achieved with modern insulation systems using LOGICBASE and ECOBASE polymeric membranes. The undeniable advantages of these solutions are their longevity, reliability, and repairability. The special design features of the waterproofing systems make it possible to repair them quickly and effectively when necessary.

It is very important to mention that TechnoNICOL specialists provide technical support to each client who purchases LOGICBASE polymer membranes. The longevity of the insulation design depends on the quality of the installation. Therefore, even a customer who chooses premium products faces the risk of a common problem: poor quality of installation deprives the customer of all the benefits of the selected premium class material. To take care of our customers, TechnoNICOL established TechnoNICOL Quality Service, which is a team of engineers who provide free support at all stages of the construction and contract work at our customers' sites.

TechnoNICOL's comprehensive approach guarantees that our clients' investment will be great value for money!

LOGICBASE. Professional solutions for underground waterproofing.

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