Roofing components

TechnoNICOL is a reliable partner which produces not only high-quality and robust polymer waterproofing material but also a wide range of components. The use of high-quality, suitable elements not only allows you to complete the installation within a short time frame, but also guarantees a long service life of the entire system. Choose TechnoNICOL. Working with us is easy!
TechnoNICOL hardware
The surface of the roof is continuously exposed to wind, which results in static pressure swings from positive to negative and eventually causes the roofing system to tear off. To increase the reliability of the roofing system, special attention should be given to the constructive solutions of connecting nodes and the quality of the hardware units used, to ensure that all the components of the system work properly and withstand loads over the entire service life, established for the building as a whole. TechnoNICOL offers the following hardware components.
TechnoNICOL vapor sealing
The vapor barrier layer is a barrier to the penetration of moisture from the inside to the thermal insulation layer of the roofing. Why is it necessary? First, humidity worsens the heat-insulating and mechanical properties of the insulation, and, second, water may condense in the thermal insulation layer, and the accumulated water may enter the premises as droplets. The second point is particularly important for roofs located in areas with low outside temperatures.
Separation layer
Protective and separating layers are made using fiberglass or geotextile. As a separation layer between the PVC membrane and thermal insulation based on extrusion foam polystyrene, it is recommended to use TechnoNICOL fiberglass weighing ≥100 g/m².
Adhesives, cleaners, instruments for preparation of the areas to be joined, and sealant
Additional roofing components, which are an absolute must for roofers. Adhesives and cleaners make it possible to achieve high-quality, reliable connections in the roof pie, as well as contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the roof.
Shaped elements for PVC-membranes
Installation is much faster due to the use of ready-made, shaped elements. This can be especially important for roofs with a large area and in the autumn/winter period, when it is important to commission the project on time. These elements can be manufactured directly in situ from unreinforced membrane, depending on the material of the roof, but if you use prefabricated elements, the installation of a roof will become a true pleasure for you.
Funnels, aerators
Systems for constructing drainage.
Roof enclosures
Roofing enclosures system
Roof protection and repairs
Additional components to protect roofing solutions.