TechnoNICOL telescopic hardware

TechnoNIСOL telescopic fixings, with hidden self-tapping screw heads for constructing roofs with mechanical fixing.


The roofing dowel (disk-shaped dowel) is a fundamental element of the whole system for the mechanical fixing of the roof, including roofing fixings for membrane roofs. Disk-shaped dowels are made of polymeric material which meets the strictest requirements in terms of strength, frost resistance, resistance to alkaline environment, UV exposure and other properties that contribute to the reliability and longevity of the disc-shaped dowels in the most extreme climatic conditions. The roofing dowel is used together with the anchor element, the type of which depends on the load-bearing base of the roofing (metal, concrete, wood, etc.). The use of the fixing system enables fast and high-quality installation of heat insulation and waterproofing, as well as dismantling of individual elements of the roof without excessive labor. Due to the telescopic effect of the hardware element, the subsequent operation of the roof (preventive and repair works) become much simpler.

Due to the plastic casing, there is no risk of "cold bridges", and the cap of the self-tapping screw does not damage the membrane when insulation is compressed with load. A wide range of fixings of various sizes, from 20 up to 260 mm, means you can use the size you need, based on the thickness of the roof pie.

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